...in the first quarter of 2012, producer Charlie Peacock (The Civil Wars, Chris Cornell, The Lone Bellow) set a Google alert for the song “Safe & Sound” by Taylor Swift and The Civil Wars. Every morning he would listen to the dozen or more cover versions young artists had created overnight. On April 4th of that year he heard 18 year old Helene Immel’s artful version and immediately sent her this note: “Heard your cover of Safe & Sound. Good job. Really like the sound of your voice. Just wanted to let you know my door is open to you to send songs as you create them.” And so she did. The producer and artist struck up a musical friendship that quickly became a partnership.


Together they began recording, first in Los Angeles where Helene lived, and later at Charlie’s studio in Nashville. The goal? Make beautiful pop music the whole world will sing. They soon after released an EP that hit 6th on the singer songwriter itunes charts and got a lot of attention on Spotify.


Born in Germany, Helene is the oldest daughter of Russian - German immigrants to the U. She was 8 when she arrived in California. Her mother blessed her with the nickname LENACHKA, a common name of endearment used by Russian mothers. In Lenachka’s own words: “ I live in LA and now Nashville. I speak Russian and English. I love flat soda and the Discovery channel. I take way too many bubble baths.I think cleaning helps me think. I make music.” After nearly two years of making music together, Lenachka and Charlie are ready to let the world hear what they’ve created together. Since her first sessions in Los Angeles with engineer Eric Robinson and John Mayer’s band, Lenachka has co-written with a great cast of talented songwriters and producers, including Nathan Chapman, Mike Elizondo, Winston Marshall (Mumford & Sons), Eric Robinson, Taylor York (Paramore), Kris Allen, Matthew Perryman Jones, Kelsey Kopecky, Jason Reeves, Mat Kearney, Tom Douglas, Sam Ashworth, Nolan Sipe and Ryan Peterson.


Twenty four  year old Lenachka is currently living in Los Angeles , there she has continued to play shows and write for herself as well as other artists. In 2016 Lenachka met two LA producer Daniel Pashman and DJ Johnny Goldsmith. Soon after working together the trio decided to form a band 'Marbles' Their first single is scheduled to release September 26, 2017.  Outside of music Lenachka has also started to work as a freelance model, and creating and collaborating content for other brand via social media. For inquiries please click here. 





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