My Four New Years Resolutions for 2018!

1. Drinking more water. Staying hydrated on a daily basis has always been hard for me. Now that I am getting older, I can see + feel the effects of water when I'm drinking plenty everyday. I bought a S'well insulated stainless steel water bottle and it is amazing! It keeps your water chilled for the entire day. It is a complete game changer. 

2. Producing my own music. This year I want to  begin producing my own music. With the help of my family and friends I have a small studio set up in my home that will only improve + upgrade with time. The times are changing and artists are posting content very often and very consistently. If I learn how to produce for myself, there ain't nothing we can't do. 

3. Treating my body better. Last year my boyfriend and I decided to eat vegan for as long as we could, to see how we liked it. After just a few days of eating a vegan but balanced diet consistently, I noticed I had less headaches, I didn't wake up feeling tired and sore, I had more energy through out the day. I was also very surprised to learn that there are so many delicious vegan options if you prepare in advance, do your research, and are willing to stay open minded. Another thing I am getting back to is pilates. I was taking one or two classes a week for quite some time and loved the results. I canceled my memberships when I started working more and had less time to go. This year I will make the time and not wait to find the time. We all know that rarely works in our favor. 

4. Posting more. This past year was amazing, but it had it's challenges. I had to focus on taking care of myself, and had to pull my focus and energy away from my artistry.  I am going into this year with a new found fire for my songs, my sound, + my branding. I also have been renovating a spare bedroom in my apartment, into a personal music studio + creative space that I will show you very soon. I can't wait to release more new music, shoot more covers for you, and any other type of content you guys would be interested in seeing from me this year! Let's do this! 

5. Seeing the world. Last Fall, my boyfriend and I traveled to Thailand. It was one of the most amazing experiences we've ever had. The country is so beautiful, the people are simple and so loving, and the food was incredible! It's crazy to go to a place like that, having grown up in California for most of my life. We came back really appreciating the things we take for granted everyday. Mother earth is truly spectacular and beautiful and I want to see and explore as much of it as I can. 

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